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In order for you to effectively compete in today's economy, you must be prepared to meet the challenge of increasing sales by: retaining existing customers, acquiring new customers, creating word-of-mouth advocacy and improving customer loyalty.

Secret Shopping is the most accurate and reliable tool a business can use to gather information regarding their actual customer service performance at the moment of truth. This moment of truth is not when the staff is on their best behavior because the boss is around - it is when they interact with customers during their normal daily routines. We provide a non-biased Secret Shopper Report based on what you want reviewed. Your concerns can easily be dispelled or verified by
A & L Associates.

Secret Shoppers see things through the eyes of your customers. They serve as the principal method for identifying good customer service behaviors. These behaviors can be reinforced and encouraged through training. The Shoppers’ reports will provide measurable insight into staff performance and formulate a standard by which the outstanding performance can be measured and rewarded. Our Secret Shoppers provide you with a professional report prepared and reviewed by A & L Associates. Secret Shopping provides a fast and effective way of evaluating the performance of your staff, from the perspective of an “unbiased outsider”.

Common benefits are improved employee performance and effectiveness, improved attitude toward customers, improved suggestive selling techniques, improved speed and efficiency of service and detection of employee fraud. When our Secret Shopper discovers super service among staff, many operators give them an incentive. An Incentive Program is the most effective way to acknowledge outstanding performance identified by your Secret Shopper Service. Reward and recognition programs create excitement about your company-wide service effort as it encourages consistent and excellent behaviors.

"Providing Quantitative Secret Shopper Programs"